Jurga Šeduikytė: Dream Workshop

Jurga Šeduikytė has been shining like a real star in the Lithuanian music scene for more than two decades. She is exceptional not only because of her musical vocation but also because of her many other talents. Fans have seen Jurga on TV screens, admired her on the theatre stage and in movies, and read her published texts and a book. But she still does not want to stop. She continues to search for the path to her dreams and wants to share her quest with others.

This time, together with Kęstutis Pavalkis, a master of the piano, and teacher of classical, jazz and improvisational music, she invites you to a somewhat atypical, but no less musical, experiential concert “Dream Workshop”. According to Jurga, this is an exceptional concert, where the music and lyrics are arranged deliberately, in a special order, creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and there are no mistakes.

Performance date: 2024-06-29 16:00

Performers: Jurga Šeduikytė (vocals), Kęstutis Pavalkis (piano) | Lithuania

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Baltic Guitar Quartet: Four guitars, together for 20 years

On 13 July, come to hear four guitars that have been playing together for twenty years at Paliesius Manor!

The group was born when four students from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre formed the Baltic Guitar Quartet twenty years ago. Five years later they were joined by a guitarist from Belgium. The original repertoire accumulated over twenty years of their musical journey will be reflected in the programme of the concert, which includes the first and the newest piece written for the quartet by Chris Ruebens and a piece written for the quartet by Mindaugas Stumbras, composed especially for this occasion. The programme will also include works from the quartet’s older albums Dancing with Guitar, Tradicion nuevo, and the latest album Meadow Path.

“A top-class classical music ensemble from Lithuania. <…> Incredible sensitivity, uncompressed dynamics and congenial group performance” – says Oberbayerisches Volksblatt.

Performance date: 2024-07-13 16:00

Programme: Eduardas Balsys, Jonas Švedas, Mindaugas Stumbras, Leo Brouwer, Edward Elgar, Faustas Latėnas, Chris Ruebens

Performers: Zigmas Čepulėnas, Sergej Krinicin, Saulius S. Lipčius, Chris Ruebens | Lithuania / Belgium

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Gunta Ābele and Giovanni Fornasini duo (cello, piano | Switzerland)

Gunta Ābele. She was born for the cello. A magnificent, powerful musician of great talent with a wide smile and a big heart. This queen of the cello and her husband, the virtuoso pianist Giovanni Fornasini, will create a playful and harmonious duo in an exclusive concert at the Paliesius Manor. The musicians have a precise sense of each other, and the complex passages are even more interesting to listen to because when one of them is playing very strongly and expressively, the other turns into a silent background – and vice versa. The music will include Spanish songs by Carlos Guastavino and compositions by Fauré, Dvorak, Mendelssohn, and Schumann. This summer programme will uplift, bring joy and fill the hearts of the audience with positive emotions.

Gunta Ābele has won many competitions. In 2013 and 2019, she was nominated for the Latvian Grand Music Awards. As a soloist and member of ensembles, she has performed in many European venues and participated in renowned festivals.

Performance date: 2024-07-20 16:00

Programme: Ludwig van Beethoven, Robert Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Charles Camille Saint-Saëns, Gabriel Fauré, Bohuslav Martinů, Astor Piazzolla

Performers: Gunta Ābele (cello), Giovanni Fornasini (piano) | Switzerland

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Viktoras Paukštelis (piano, Lithuania) / Presentation of the exhibition Sounding Canvases

In Paliesius three painters, Mykolė Ganusauskaitė, Ségolène Kan (France) and Viktoras Paukštelis, have been painting to the sounds of music. On 21 July, we invite you to the opening of the exhibition “Sounding Canvases” (presented by art critic Raminta Jurėnaitė) and a concert by pianist Viktoras Paukštelis.

Viktoras Paukštelis is often described as an artist of a unique nature, as he presents to the public a combination of his two talents, painting and piano playing. Music and art are two intertwined and complementary components for this artist: the unpolished impulsiveness of his paintings adds experimental boldness on stage, while the visual work of colour in creating form becomes an aural experience that translates to the piano. This synthesis of the two arts has no parallel on the classical stage.

The project “Sounding Canvases. Synthesis of art and music to broaden the diversity of cultural activities in the Utena region” is funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Performance date: 2024-07-21 17:00

Programme: J. S. Bach, R. Schumann, F. Chopin, S. Rachmaninoff kūriniai.

Performers: Viktoras Paukštelis (piano, Lithuania)

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Evelina Sašenko: Je Chante Piaf

The talented Evelina Sašenko goes on stage with her first and eternal love: Edith Piaf, whose work and songs have accompanied Evelina from her school days to the present day: from her adolescently daring contest “Dainų dainelė” to a packed hall of the Church of St Catherine at the peak of her career. Evelina lives in Edith Piaf’s songs with all her soul and thoughts, having mastered not only the French language but also, it seems, the streets of Montmartre, the era and the mood of the chanson genre. She travels through the melodious story, sometimes in her own way and sometimes in Edith’s own, telling a story of loyalty, sensitivity, understanding, respect, compassion, longing and hope.

During the performance, Evelina will be accompanied by her faithful companion, pianist Paulius Zdanavičius, who is inseparable from the encounters between the singer and her muse Edith Piaf. The programme will feature well-known songs that will sound anew: “La Vie En Rose”, “Padam Padam”, and others.

Performance date: 2024-07-27 16:00

Programme: the most famous songs of Edith Piaf

Performers: Evelina Sašenko (vocals, Lithuania), Paulius Zdanavičius (piano, Lithuania)

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Jean-Marc Luisada plays Chopin (piano, France)

On 3 August, French pianist Jean-Marc Luisada will return to Paliesius manor to perform Chopin’s Mazurkas! He won the International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw in 1985 and is now known as one of the best and most distinctive Chopin interpreters in the world.

Jean-Marc Luisada is also known for his outstanding grace and unexpected interpretations. He plays for the soul of the audience and likes making jokes on stage. He has won several prizes in international piano competitions and has performed in many countries with many orchestras, quartets, and instrumentalists.

As a chamber musician, he has performed with Gary Hoffman, Pierre Amoyal, Philippe Bernold, Yuzuko Horigome, Patrick Messina, the Talich, Modigliani, and Fine Arts Quartets, among others.

In addition to his concert activity, he teaches at the École Normale Alfred Cortot in Paris.

Performance date: 2024-08-03 16:00

Programme: F. Chopin

Performers: Jean-Marc Luisada (piano, France)

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Kremerata Baltica Festival in Paliesius Manor

For the first time in history, a festival with Maestro Gidon Kremer and the Kremerata Baltica Chamber Orchestra is organised at Paliesius Manor! Two virtuoso concerts await you, during which the most talented performers will reveal the beauty of works by Lithuanian and foreign composers.

Gidon Kremer, one of the most famous violinists of our time, the Grammy award-winning Kremerata Baltica Chamber Orchestra and the Kremerata Lettonica ensemble ensemble will be joined by five renowned guest soloists. You will hear the pianist Yulianna Avdeeva, first prize winner of the prestigious Chopin Competition, pianist Andrejs Osokins, first prize winner of the Rubinstein, Leeds and other major competitions, and one of Lithuania’s most exciting pianists, Grammy-nominated Andrius Žlabys, as well as violinist Madara Pētersone, who has won numerous national and international competitions, and violist Emma Wernig, an active participant at festivals, known for her authentic musical voice.

Performance date: 2024-08-10 17:30 / 2024-08-11 17:00

Programme: Alfred Schnittke, Grażyna Bacewicz, Vytautas Bacevičius, Franz Schubert, Ludwig van Beethoven

Performers: Gidon Kremer (violin), Kremerata Baltica chamber orchestra, ensemble Kremerata Lettonica. Guest soloists: Yulianna Avdeeva (piano), Andrejs Osokins (piano), Andrius Žlabys (piano), Madara Pētersone (violin) and Emma Wernig (viola).

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Duo Zeffiretti: Maayan Licht (male soprano), Guy Maori (hapsichord) | Israel

Meet Duo Zeffiretti on 17 August at Paliesius Manor: the critically acclaimed male soprano Maayan Licht and the talented pianist Guy Maori come to Lithuania and the Baltic States for the very first time! The duo won the Jury and Audience Prize at the prestigious Grachtenfestival competition in Amsterdam in 2020 and has been awarded several scholarships. Male sopranos are rare, so do not miss this exceptional performance!

Maayan Licht interprets virtuoso operatic roles as well as the Italian and French Baroque repertoire, which he shapes with a rich palette of expressive nuances. He won several prizes: the scholarship of the Dino Arici Foundation in the 2019/20 season, the Audience Prize in the Aviv Competition (2015), etc. Maayan performs frequently in the Netherlands and abroad.

Guy Maori is an Israeli harpsichordist, pianist and fortepianist who has been residing in the Netherlands since 2017. Guy performs frequently as a soloist as well as a member of different ensembles.

Performance date: 2024-08-17 18:00

Programme: Duo Zeffiretti – „Stravaganza Italiana“: A. Vivaldi, D. Scarlatti, G. F. Handel, W. Babell, J. S. Bach

Performers: Duo Zeffiretti: Maayan Licht (male soprano), Guy Maori (harpsichord) | Israel

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“La belle époque”: Mūza Rubackytė (piano) and Dmitri Makhtin (violin)

In this concert, pianist Mūza Rubackytė and violinist Dmitrijus Makhtinas present their new album, dedicated to the works of Leopold Godowski and Karol Szymanowski for violin and piano. This is the second album, in which Rubackytė interprets the music of the great Litwak composer and the colourful Polish composer. The first album has been widely acclaimed internationally and won the Diapason d’Or award.

The programme presented in this concert unveils the spirit of La belle époque, the beautiful era, full of charm and inspiring ideas. The works by L. Godowsky and K. Szymanowski compose the core of this programme and paint a colourful landscape of this era’s chamber music.

Mūza Rubackytė, laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Art, is one of the most important ambassadors of Lithuanian musical culture in the world. Violinist Dmitri Makhtin has won the Niccolo Paganini, Louis Spohr, Montreal, Sibelius, Praetoria, and other competitions.

Performance date: 2024-08-24 16:00

Programme: Leopold Godowsky, Johannes Brahms, Karol Szymanowski

Performers: Mūza Rubackytė (piano, Lithuania / France / Switzerland) and Dmitri Makhtin (violin, Holland)

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Mettis String Quartet

Come spend the last summer’s day with the Mettis String Quartet and music!

The Mettis String Quartet is currently one of the most prominent Lithuanian chamber music ensembles. The quartet was formed in 2012 at the Lithuanian Academy of Music. The members later studied at the ECMA (European Chamber Music Academy), where, with the help of some of the world’s best teachers in the field, they began to climb the career ladder rapidly. This is reflected in their achievements: in 2016, Mettis won the second prize and a special prize at the 8th International Bordeaux International String Quartet Competition in France, as well as the title of the winner of the 9th International V. E. Rimbotti Quartet Competition in Italy in the same year.

The quartet’s name was chosen not by chance. Metis is an ancient Greek mythological figure, one of the Oceanids, who symbolised wisdom. In common parlance, the word describes a quality based on intelligence, ingenuity and skill.

Performance date: 2024-08-31 16:00

Programme: G. Puccini, J. Haydn, C. Debussy

Performers: Mettis String Quartet: Kostas Tumosa (violin), Bernardas Petrauskas (violin), Tomas Petrikis (viola), Rokas Vaitkevičius (cello) | Lithuania

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The Sixth Alexander Paley’s Music Marathon: Mozart in Paliesius

May the beginning of autumn be full of music! On 7 September, the world-class piano virtuoso Alexander Paley will present his sixth music marathon to the audience of Paliesius manor. The theme of this year’s music marathon is the works of the musical genius Mozart.

There will be three concerts in one day where you’ll hear the most beautiful works of the legendary composer. Paley jokes that the idea for the marathon was not born out of a whim to show that he can play the piano for hours on end but to bring performers and listeners together to enjoy the abundance of music. So come spend an autumn day in the world of music, where the most enchanting classical melodies will shine like stars amidst the wilderness of nature and the old masonry walls!

Performance date: 2024-09-07 11:00 / 15:00 / 19:00

Programme: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Performers: Alexander Paley (piano), Raimondas Butvila (violin), Tomas Savickas (viola), Marius Dominykas Sakavičius (cello)

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Simonas Miknius (piano, Lithuania)

Simonas Miknius returns to the Paliesius Manor Concert Hall after four years! Come spend a warm afternoon with music.

Simonas is currently studying at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and is a laureate and prize-winner of many national and international piano competitions. He has given concerts with the Kaunas Symphony Orchestra, Lithuanian Symphony Orchestra, St. Christopher’s Orchestra, VMU, and the Lviv and Warsaw Chamber Orchestras.

Simon’s jewel-like performances of classical music are characterised by maturity and exceptional musicality. His repertoire is very broad, ranging from Baroque to contemporary music. Some of the composers closest to his heart are Chopin, Liszt, Rameau, and Beethoven.

Performance date: 2024-09-14 16:00

Performers: Simonas Miknius (piano, Lithuania)

Programme: F. Chopin L. Beethoven, F. Liszt

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Duo Petrarka

On 21 September, meet the shapers of Lithuanian jazz: Petras Vyšniauskas and Arkadijus Gotesmanas, the duo PetrArka! The duo debuted in 1990 and since then has become an important phenomenon on the scene, visited many prestigious jazz festivals in Europe. So don’t miss their concert-improvisation and spend an afternoon with jazz!

Their creative trajectories crossed when Lithuania was on the threshold of independence. In 1990, they debuted as the duo PetrArka and soon released their first jazz album Lithuania. The musicians share not only a taste for musical experimentation, but also a fascination for dialogue with other arts, especially literature. “We are always close to text: plays, poems, sonnets”, Gotesman has said. It’s no coincidence that the duo’s name is literary: it’s inspired by the legendary 14th century writer Francesco Petrarca, famous for his love sonnets. According to the duo, the form of the sonnets is close to the duo’s playing style.

Performance date: 2024-09-21 16:00

Programme: concert-improvisation „Motifs of the duo“

Performers: Petras Vyšniauskas (sax, piano), Arkadij Gotesman (percussion) | Lithuania

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Album release concert „Resistance”: Natania Hoffman (cello, Italy/US), Monika Dars (piano, Lithuania/Belgium)

On 12 October, the duo of Lithuanian pianist Monika Dars and Italian-American cellist Natania Hoffman will return to the Paliesius Manor Concert Hall. Here, the musicians embarked on their musical explorations back in March 2023 while recording their duo’s debut album, Resistance.

They are dynamic soloists and chamber musicians who have appeared on stages in various countries, played solo with European and American orchestras, and won numerous international competitions. The duo of Natania and Monica was formed in Belgium in 2017 and soon won the second prize at the Luigi Nono Chamber Music Competition in Italy. Since then, they have performed together on stages in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy and Lithuania, and finally released their debut album.

The album explores four powerful and deeply human works by 20th-century composers from the Soviet Union and the Third Reich, as well as resistance to this music in the 21st-century, both symbolically and politically.

Performance date: 2024-10-12 16:00

Programme: A. Šenderovas, D. Shostakovich, J. Hoffman, J. Brahms

Performers: Natania Hoffman (cello, Italy/US), Monika Dars (piano, Lithuania/Belgium)

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Nitai Hershkovits (piano | jazz)

‘Hershkovits dances on the keys with the elegance of Fred Astaire and the melancholic wit of Charlie Chaplin’ (Cem Akalin, General Anzeiger Bonn)

Pianist and composer Nitai Hershkovits has been described as a “Genuine prodigy” by BBC music. He is a charismatic performer with an incredibly strong voice and musical vision. His dynamic playing crosses boundaries and genres thanks to a light, elegant touch that conveys a full spectrum of deep emotions and contrasts.

Nitai is an exception as a musician having done the opposite of what most do: he studied jazz as a foundation and came into classical later. This unique combination emboldens his eclectic playing style. “Reminiscent of a silky-toned old piano swinger such as the late Hank Jones” (The Guardian), intertwining bliss and melancholy with skilful freedom.

Performance date: 2024-10-19 18:00

Performers: Nitai Hershkovits (piano)

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Theatrical concert: From Darkness to Light

In this theatrical concert, the artists will delve into the darkest depths of the soul, but even in the thickest darkness, they will find a burst of light that fills the soul with kindness and peace. They will share their experiences through music, poetry and improvisation, inviting the listeners to ascend towards the light with arts.

Marius Repšys is one of the best-known Lithuanian theatre and film actors, who has created many memorable roles and won many prestigious awards. He also expresses his creativity in music. Joris Sodeika is a pianist who does not shy away from trying out different amplitudes. He is known for his versatility and adventurous spirit. Soprano Karolina Glinskaitė boldly takes on creative challenges and completes them with her distinctive stage presence, character and sense of music. Karolina’s flexibility as a classical performer and her ability to adapt to every genre and musical idea of every project she takes part in is simply astonishing.

Performance date: 2024-10-26 16:00

Programme: Original music and improvisations

Performers: Marius Repšys (music, poetry | Lithuania), Joris Sodeika (piano, improvisations | Lithuania), Karolina Glinskaitė (soprano, poetry, improvisations | Belgium / Lithuania)

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Bouquet of Melodies: from Classic to Jazz

A Bouquet of Melodies is a concert of both simplicity and diversity. The audience will hear classic pieces and jazz compositions, performed by violinist Gediminas Dalinkevičius and pianist Povilas Jaraminas. According to them, this kind of music does not pretend to be something extremely unique and new, but it has stood the test of time and life and is enjoyed by most.

Violinist Gediminas Dalinkevičius is an old friend of Paliesius manor. He played at its very first concerts and was one of the first artists to record CDs in the manor’s recording studio. Dalinkevičius was also the founder, art director and conductor of the Kaunas Chamber Orchestra, soloist and conductor of the international orchestra Solisti Baltia.

Pianist Povilas Jaraminas is one of the first jazz promoters in Lithuania, a great improviser and interpreter. He performed with many famous artists and is an expert concertmaster. Jaraminas has received an honourable Medal of the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas.

Performance date: 2024-10-27 15:00

Performers: Gediminas Dalinkevičius (violin), Povilas Jaraminas (piano) | Lithuania

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OPERA. (R)evolutions

On 9 November, come remember two innovators of opera, Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner, at Paliesius manor. Both opera revolutionaries were born in 1813 and both had one goal in mind: to make the opera genre a true theatrical phenomenon. The concert will feature solo numbers, duets, various excerpts from the operas, revealing the core works and philosophies of both composers. The programme is brought to you by two opera stars, Kristina Zmailaitė and Edmundas Seilius, and pianist Eleonora Taškinaitė.

Soprano Kristina Zmailaitė has prepared 30 striking opera, operetta and oratorio roles. Tenor Edmundas Seilius, soloist at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, has prepared over 40 roles. They have both toured in many countries and worked with various orchestras and conductors. Pianist Eleonora Taškinaitė’s repertoire includes more than a hundred operas, operettas and oratorios, which have been performed not only on Lithuanian stages but also abroad.

Performance date: 2024-11-09 16:00

Programme: Giuseppe Verdi, Richard Wagner

Performers: Kristina Zmailaitė (soprano), Edmundas Seilius (tenor), Eleonora Taškinaitė (piano) | Lithuania

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Around the world with the piano…

On 16 November, come to the concert of four young and talented pianists – sisters Kaja and Klėja Kašubaitė, Vytautas Pocius and Joris Mikužis! They will take us on a musical journey through different eras and countries. You will hear not only classical repertoire piano pieces but also interesting, less frequently performed pieces for the piano four hands: from J.S. Bach’s chorales, and Liszt’s famous La Campanella, to showy contemporary music enriched by various means of expression.

All four pianists have won many prizes in various competitions and performed in many concert halls. To name but a few achievements, the sisters are the youngest Lithuanians to make their debut at the famous Berlin Philharmonic in December 2023; Vytautas Pocius recently won 1st prize and special prizes at the XXII International Music Competition “Music without Borders”; and Joris Mikužis won the main prize, the Golden Parnassus, in the International Piano Forum “Bieszczady bez granic” in Sanok, Poland, 2023.

Performance date: 2024-11-16 16:00

Performers: pianists: Kaja Kašubaitė and Klėja Kašubaitė (Lithuania / Germany), Vytautas Pocius (Lithuania) and Joris Mikužis (Lithuania)

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Dances for the Strings. Čiurlionis Quartet and Joana Daunytė

Meet winter with dances for the strings! On 30 November at Paliesius manor, harpist Joana Daunytė and the Čiurlionis Quartet will present us with a concert of sincere music. The concert will feature compositions by both classical French composers and Lithuanian creators.

A new Lithuanian opus will be performed: Olivia’s Awakening by Arvydas Malcis. The composer said that he was encouraged to create this piece by Joana Daunytė, who had the idea to juxtapose the Lithuanian composer’s work with Claude Debussy’s Sacred and Secular Dances. You will also hear Mindaugas Urbaitis’ composition Serenity, written for the 125th anniversary of Čiurlionis’ birth. Another highlight of the concert is the Čiurlionis Quartet’s performance of Maurice Ravel’s String Quartet in F major, one of the most outstanding chamber music opuses of the early 20th century, foreshadowing the composer’s colourful impressionistic style.

Performance date: 2024-11-30 16:00

Programme: Mindaugas Urbaitis, Claude Debussy, Arvydas Malcys, Maurice Ravel

Performers: Čiurlionis Quartet: Jonas Tankevičius (I violin), Darius Dikšaitis (II violin), Gediminas Dačinskas (viola), Elena Daunytė (cello) | Solistė: Joana Daunytė (harp) | Lithuania

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Ugnė Liepa Žuklytė (violin, Lithuania) and Djordje Radevski (piano, Serbia)

As Christmas approaches, some of the most beautiful and complex works for violin and piano, rarely performed in Lithuania, will be heard in Paliesius manor. Two talented artists, violinist Ugnė Liepa Žuklytė and Serbian pianist Djordje Radevski, will perform. Come and welcome the holidays with music!

At the age of eight, Ugnė Liepa Žuklytė was the winner of the Balys Dvarionas Competition, awarded a special prize for musical interpretation, and made her solo debut with orchestra; and at the age of eleven, she was the winner of the first prize of the Jonas Urba Competition.

Djordje Radevski has distinguished himself from the very beginning of his studies and has won numerous awards in Serbia and abroad: I Prize at the 46th International Piano Contest `Virtuosi Per Musica di pianoforte` Ústí nad Labem, the Czech Republic, I Prize at The International Competition “Davorin Jenko“, Belgrade, and many others.

 Performance date: 2024-12-08 14:00

Performers: Ugnė Liepa Žuklytė (violin, Lithuania) ir Djordje Radevski (piano, Serbia)

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Mariam Batsashvili (piano, Georgia)

On 14 December, the talented Georgian pianist Mariam Batsashvili comes to Paliesius Manor for the first time! She is a regular guest at London’s Wigmore Hall, has performed in over 30 countries, has been successful in numerous competitions, and has already released two CDs.

“Still in her 20s, she has continued to display that mix of virtuosic brilliance and sensitive insight that defines her playing.” (The Observer, Fiona Maddocks, 6 August 2022)

Mariam Batsashvili’s musicianship seems to connect directly with one’s heart, and her colours of sound, thoughtful interpretations, and stupendous touch move and delight her audiences. She also gets a lot of attention for her exceptionally successful social media work, especially her video tutorials.

Performance date: 2024-12-14 18:00

Programme: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sigismond Thalberg, Franz Liszt, Franz Schubert

Performers: Mariam Batsashvili (piano, Georgia)

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Shinkarenko Jazz 5N

Welcome Christmas with jazz! Leonid Shinkarenko, master of acoustic and electric bass and a bandleader, will perform at Paliesius Manor, returning to the quintet format.

Leonid Shinkarenko is considered one of the country’s most creative jazz personalities, with more than 60 albums in his discography. Vytautas Labutis, a multi-instrumentalist, composer and pedagogue, winner of the Birštonas Jazz Grand Prix (1996), is also one of the country’s most outstanding jazz masters. Valerijus Ramoška, winner of the Birštonas Jazz Grand Prix (2014), is one of the most appreciated Lithuanian jazz trumpeters. Pianist Andrius Savčenka won the 19th International Children’s and Youth Jazz Music Festival-Competition “Jazz Fontanas” in Panevėžys in 2021. Linas Būda is legendary in the Lithuanian rock and metal scene, having played drums in the bands Antis and Rojaus tūzai, the metal band Ghostorm, and is also well known as a jazz percussionist.

Performance date: 2024-12-21 16:00

Performers: Leonid Shinkarenko (bass guitar), Vytautas Labutis (saxophone), Valerijus Ramoška (trumpet, flugelhorn), Andrius Savčenka (piano), Linas Būda (drums) | Lithuania

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Latin American Piano

Start the New Year with exotic piano melodies from Latin America, performed by two talented pianists from this region at the Paliesius Manor on 11 January!

Latin America is a region with great musical wealth, where European, African and Indigenous cultural traditions come together. Latin American Piano takes a tour of great composers from the 19th century to the present, showing the variety of rhythms, melodies and languages that have been mixed in this region, through works for solo piano and four-hand piano. The performances will be led by the Panamanian pianist Jonathan Caceres and the Cuban-Costa Rican pianist Leonardo Gell, who have obtained more than 20 awards in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

There will be a world premiere of one work, a European premiere of another work, and Lithuanian premieres of as many as four works.

Performance date: 2025-01-11 16:00

Programme: Teresa Carreño, Roque Cordero, Natanael Mojica, Marvin Camacho, Alberto Ginastera

Performers: Jonathan Caceres (piano, Panama) and Leonardo Gell (piano, Cuba / Costa Rica)

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MUSIC IS A WOMAN (Lithuania / Norway)

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with music! On 15 February, a trio of viola, baritone and piano will gift us with a concert “Music is a Woman” at Paliesius Manor. This musical programme presents the life stories of 4 composers, inspired by women. Nurturing, creative, loving and happy women. The programme includes works for viola, voice and piano by two women and two men.

This very special trio of viola, baritone and piano was formed in 2023. This international ensemble has already performed at various festivals in Lithuania, and this year they will make their debuts at the Kaunas Philharmonic and Klaipėda Concert Hall. The initiator of the programme is violist Augusta Romaškevičiūtė, famous for curating unique artistic projects in Lithuania. Pianistė Eglė Andrejevaitė has won many prizes in competitions and regularly presents interesting programmes. Norwegian baritone Stein Skjervold is an active participant in Lithuanian musical life and is described as a “magician of miniatures”.

Performance date: 2025-02-15 16:00

Programme: Clara Schumann, Franz Liszt, Žibuoklė Martinaitytė, Johannes Brahms

Performers: Augusta Romaškevičiūtė (viola, Lithuania), Eglė Andrejevaitė (piano, Lithuania), Stein Skjervold (baritone, Norway)

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Cello Club | 5

Cello Club, a young and active cello quintet, celebrates its 5th birthday! We invite you to celebrate together on 22 February. Immerse yourself in the music created by five cellos in the Paliesius manor: it will be hard to be indifferent to it!

The Cello Club joined the Lithuanian music scene in 2020. It’s unique for its democratic principle of functioning, where each of the five ensemble members can become a leader and soloist. The Cello Club performs both serious academic music and popular classics, as well as lighter genre pieces, reconsidering the boundaries between serious art and entertainment without shying away from humour.

All five Cello Club cellists are active on the Lithuanian scene today. Domas Jakštas, Rokas Vaitkevičius and Povilas Jacunskas are concertmasters of the cello section in their orchestras, Arnas Kmieliauskas is a member of the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra and Evaldas Petkus is a member of the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra.

Performance date: 2025-02-22 16:00

Performers: cello quintet Cello Club: Arnas Kmieliauskas, Rokas Vaitkevičius, Povilas Jacunskas, Domas Jakštas, Evaldas Petkus | Lithuania

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The Flute in Opera

Talented soloists Justinas Mačys, flutist, and Mantautas Katinas, pianist, have joined together in a creative tandem to create a spring programme full of virtuoso flute melodies, the main theme of which is the queen of the performing arts – opera.

Guided by intriguing stories, the performers will venture into the world of flute fantasies inspired by various operas. The melodies in the concert will be composed by Giuseppe Garibaldi, Giulio Briccialdi and Pietro Morlacchi, among others, all virtuoso flutists, who have great knowledge of the Italian opera performance tradition and have translated it into opera transcriptions for flute and piano, trusting the flute to reveal the most vivid moments of the famous operas.

Mačys is a young flutist, conductor and pedagogue, representing the French flute school, who prepares a new programme every year. Katinas performs with various soloists and orchestras and has won first prize at the International Piano Competition of Ile-de-France.

Performance date: 2025-03-01 16:00

Programme: G. Donizetti, P. Morlacchi, G. Briccialdi, J. Andersen, P. Taffanel, P. Sarasate

Performers: Justinas Mačys (flute), Mantautas Katinas (piano) | Lithuania

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Gérard Lesne & Le Concert Universel: “Quintessence”

On 22 March, the legendary early music singer, countertenor Gérard Lesne and the professional baroque ensemble Le Concert Universel will visit Paliesius Manor – it‘s their first concert in the Baltic States! Gérard Lesne is one of the world’s most important promoters of such singing. He and the founder of Le Concert Universel, violinist Juliette Roumailhac, have prepared a special programme for the audience, so don’t miss this extraordinary performance!

With over 70 recordings (including 30 with his own ensemble Il Seminario Musicale), 3 Victoires de la Musique Classique awards, and concerts on the finest international stages, countertenor Gérard Lesne remains one of the most highly regarded figures in the musical world. Le Concert Universel, a professional baroque ensemble, founded in 2017 by Juliette Roumailhac, brings together artists who perform with the most prestigious ensembles and are recognised for their virtuosity, finesse, and richness of interpretation on period instruments.

Performance date: 2025-03-22 18:00

Programme: Maurizio Cazzati, Francesco Cavalli, Georg Friedrich Händel, Henry Purcell, Nicola Matteis, Antonio Vivaldi, Alessandro Stradella, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Jean-Baptiste Lully

Performers: Gérard Lesne (countertenor, France), Le Concert Universel (Switzerland): Juliette Roumailhac (violin), Tami Troman (violin), Mathurin Bouny (viola), Félix Knecht (cello), Charles-Édouard Fantin (archilute and baroque guitar), Violaine Cochard (harpsichord)

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Dedication to Chopin and Schumann: Andrejs Osokins (piano, Latvia)

On 29 March, Latvian pianist Andrejs Osokins will present a programme dedicated to Frédéric Chopin, one of the greatest composers of the 19th century, whose life was greatly influenced and disrupted by the Russian invasion of his homeland, after which he did not return to Poland, and who continued to compose in exile until his death. The concert will also feature works by R. Schumann, who repeatedly expressed his admiration for Chopin.

Latvian classical concert pianist, a laureate of the world’s most prominent piano competitions, Andrejs Osokins is described by critics as impeccably stylish, praised for his powerful intellect and charisma, wide expressive sound palette, notably convincing in many different styles of music. He is the founder and artistic director of the annual “Osokins Freedom Festival” in Latvia, an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music (ARAM) in London and a Fellow of Trinity College of music (FTCM) in London.

Performance date: 2025-03-29 16:00

Programme: F. Chopin, R. Schumann

Performers: Andrejs Osokins (piano, Latvia)

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10 Years Together on Stage

Meet the dynamic Lithuanian violinist Ieva Pranskutė and the Croatian cellist Mislav Brajković, collectively known as the Xylos Duo. Regarded as one of Vienna’s most notable young string duos, they have captivated audiences with their electrifying performances at esteemed venues such as Musikverein Wien, Wiener Konzerthaus, Radio-Kulturhaus Wien, and more. Their musical journey transcends different eras, showcasing a diverse repertoire encompassing classical to modern 21st-century music.

What sets Pranskutė and Brajković apart is their unbridled passion for chamber music, honed through seven years of collaboration. Their shared sensibility for varied timbres and characters has made them a formidable musical partnership. Notably, they were awarded the “Kodály Award” at the ISA Prague-Vienna-Budapest Festival for their outstanding performance of the duo op. 7. Their performances have been broadcast on various radio and television platforms.

Performance date: 2025-04-12 16:00

Programme: J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, G. Battista, M. Ravel, J. Händel, J. Halvorsen

Performers: Ieva Pranskutė (violin, Lithuania / Austria), Mislav Brajković (cello, Croatia / Austria)

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The Bel Canto of Italian tenors (Il Bel Canto dei tenori Italiani)

On 10 May come and remember the great Italian tenors with wonderful singer Donato Ravini and pianist Lina Giedraityte!

The concert programme includes works from the repertoire of the great Italian tenors: from Enrico Caruso, the leader of the Italian bel canto school, to Aureliano Pertile, from Beniamino Gigli to Tito Schipa, from Giuseppe Di Stefano to Mario del Monaco, from Franco Corelli to Luciano Pavarotti. All the famous tenors of the Italian tradition sang works both by great authors such as Verdi and Puccini and classical Neapolitan, Spanish, and Italian songs.

The tenor Donato Ravini has been performing in Lithuania since 2014, participating in productions as tenor and artistic director with various famous artists, organizing classical shows with pianists and orchestras, creating classical shows and concerts that have received enthusiastic acclaim and recognition from both the public and the press.

Performance date: 2025-05-10 16:00

Programme: pieces from the repertoire of the great Italian tenors of the past

Performers: Donato Ravini (tenor, Italy), Lina Giedraitytė (piano, Lithuania)

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Trio Agora: Hotel Tango

We will end the summer season at Paliesius Manor with Trio Agora: three charismatic musicians, laureates of various prestigious international competitions that regularly perform in many European concert halls but do not forget Lithuania. They will present their latest album Hotel Tango, released in June 2023 with the German record label Accentus Music. The album is a kind of international tango manifestation.

Trio Agora is a dynamic ensemble that is rapidly establishing itself as a leader in its genre. It’s a favourite with audiences for its innovation and enthusiasm. The trio won the International Anton Rubinstein Competition for Chamber Music in Düsseldorf in 2018 and the Ton & Erklärung and Ysaÿe competitions in 2021. It regularly performs new works by contemporary composers that are dedicated to the ensemble, as well as its own transcriptions and arrangements of compositions, and presents classical and romantic repertoire in major European venues.

Performance date: 2025-08-30 16:00

Programme: A. Lauro, E. Lecuona, R. Galliano, M. Ravel, C. Gardel, R. Mendizábal, J. Hoffman, I. Stravinsky, Á. Piazzolla

Performers: Žilvinas Brazauskas (clarinets, vocals, Lithuania / Germany), Natania Hoffman (cello, Italy / USA / Belgium), Robertas Lozinskis (piano, Lithuania)

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