Come visit the oasis of rejuvenation with a bubble pool, music, herbal tea, and aromatherapy, established under the centuries-old arches. At the foot of the forest, take a good bath in the sauna to make your sleep sweeter. You can also enjoy shoulder, arms, legs, and full-body massages by well-trained masseurs.

You can also rest actively, which is great both for the mind and the body. Besides, there are many beautiful places to visit in and around the manor! The park paths have a special surface which makes it especially easy to walk, there are many spots to rest. There are three nature trails of different lengths in the forest nearby. We also rent bikes and offer routes including the best highlights of the surrounding area. To learn more, contact us or go here.

Wine cellar

Wine has been a part of manor culture for a long time. This is one of the reasons why we decided to establish a wine cellar at Paliesius manor, according to all the recommendations of a wine expert: for example, our wine racks are made from moisture-absorbing lava stone, and sand is sprinkled on the shelves to maintain proper humidity. There are over 200 varieties of carefully selected French wines in the cellar. Wine-tasting afternoons, as well as corporate and private celebrations, are organised.

Wine tastings are led by a wine expert who will tell you unheard stories and interesting facts about wines and winemaking. Every month we organise public wine tastings, but we can also organise an individual tasting for a group of 8–10 people: you can select the kinds of wine you want to try, time, date, and even snacks! Learn more about wine cellar and tastings here.

Educational programmes

We also organise various kinds of educational programmes in the Paliesius manor. There is the excursion throughout the manor that reveals all the secrets of this place, the pastry-baking lesson, and a fitness programme that includes Nordic walking poles and a hike in nature. There are also various programmes that will allow you to get a glimpse of Lithuanian culture: an introduction to one of the most archaic instruments of Lithuanian folk music, a lesson on the secrets of medicinal herbs and their preparation, a rag doll making workshop, and a journey to the world of bees, beekeeping and wax. Find out more here.